Founded in 2020, the Creative Womxn's Collective is an online resource for womxn who would like access to integrative self-awareness, personal development, and creativity studies – no matter where they live. Our mission is to support the growth, joy, and success of Creative Womxn around the world.


Lesley Demetriades Carroll is the founder of Point of Possibility, POP-Creative, and The Creative Womxn's Collective. POP’s mission is to create online spaces that empower the understanding of human behavior by inspiring each individual to step beyond what they think. Lesley began her eleven years of training in Los Angeles and has traveled to India and Bali to study with coaches, facilitators, and healers.

​Lesley founded POP-Creative when she realized through her work how under-nurtured creatives are in society today, especially once they've graduated from an educational institution and need to develop an "art for commerce" mentality.

Lesley was inspired to teach creatives after working in New York City and experiencing the profound benefits awareness work had to offer artists. She continues to coach clients around the world to go beyond the limits of their thoughts and ultimately lead happier, healthier, more creative lives.


  • Certified Creativity Coach
  • Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach
  • Certified Awareness & Intuitive Coach​
  • BA from Florida State University, Masters course work from the University of Indianapolis
  • Professional Background: Award-Winning Film & TV Director, Producer, and Writer.