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Lesley Demetriades is the founder of Point of Possibility Inc, POP-Creative, and The Creative Womxn's Collective. POP’s mission is to create online spaces that empower the understanding of human behavior by inspiring each individual to step beyond what they think. Lesley began her training in 2004 in Los Angeles and has traveled around the world to study with coaches, facilitators, and healers.



Learn how to co-create an energetic miracle when you feel blocked.
Feeling stuck or blocked in your career or personal life? If so, it's time for a Shift! The definition of a Miracle in Awareness Work is something that already exists, but resides outside of our current paradigm. Miracles are everyone's birthright, however, the practice of shifting to co-create one can be tricky. In this quick hour-long session, participants are taught a step-by-step practice of how to shift their perspectives on purpose. Reset, become available, align with your purpose, and magnetize your desires.
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Learn how to interrupt the patterns that hold you back.

Ever wonder why it feels like life is happening to you instead of for you? There are a lot of theories flying around about "cleaning up energy" or becoming "more mindful" but how do we actually grow the depth of ourselves? In this group setting, participants learn to become aware of what patterns are running their lives and triggering problems in the day-to-day. An intuitive practice is applied to investigate their current events, so that their blocks can become opportunities.

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Learn how to manifest your creative visions.

We are often unaware of what exactly holds us back in our careers and personal lives. We want to manifest our career goals. We don’t want to lose any more than we have already lost. We don't want to be stagnant.  We want to find a work/life balance. Learn how to Manifest your creative visions using intuitive, integrative techniques. Participants will be taught a practice to investigate the current events in their careers and lives. Here lies an opportunity to see the problems, blocks, and obstacles in our lives as gifts and possibilities.

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